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Your Completed
Cleaning Services

for the finest in you.

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Enjoy Wearing Your Clothes Even Longer.

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Professional Service & Products

From facilities to service. Fabliss aimed to the luxurious customer. Who really cares about the luxury fabric cloths, uniform, bag and etc.


Perform Beyond

The meaning of “Tailor Wash Laundry” established from the finest details. Our aspiration is to make you gratified beyond expectations with our sustainable and innovative range of services designed to meet all your needs.


Rise Awareness of Garments & Fabrics Care.

“The Ultimate VIP”
Fabliss offers a professional laundry service focusing on high-quality luxurious clothing with the meticulous fabric care and attentive service.


Dry cleaning is a Fabliss signature service, blending ten years of expertise with quality craftsmanship, exemplary care, and cutting-edge green technologies.

High Fashiondry / Wet Cleaning


Fabliss' handbag restoration service utilizes our textile
expertise to clean, restore, and even repair your investment bag.

Handbag Cleaning


Discover the convenience and luxury of impeccably cleaned
and wrapped garments delivered directly to your door.

Hand Laundered Shirts


Your wedding and bridal garments are precious and deserve specialist attention that will ensure their preservation for generations.

Wedding & Bridal

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With A Meticulous
Attention In Every Step.


The process begins with a thorough examination of each clothing, at which time all relevant information is meticulously entered in our system, including the brand, color, stain, size, kind of fabric, quantity of textiles, and so on. To keep our coworkers informed of the specifics required for each item, these records monitor apparel at each stage of the store's full cleaning cycle.

Examining clothing


This is a preliminary evaluation and stain removal. This we refer to as "spotting," where a unique solution is used based on the type of stain. The most appropriate stain remover will be chosen by our skilled stain identification professionals.

Categorization of stains


The cloths are then placed in our smart cleaner. The sensitive and intricate mechanism of action of these fibers makes sure that the fibers are taken care of with the right circuit. A more effective approach involves safe cleaning techniques, good hygiene, and "hand washing."

Utilizing the Lagoon Wet
Cleaning method for cleaning


Our clothing are either air dried or gently tumble dried. To obtain the greatest results in maintaining its shape and the cloth, use steam on a form finisher that has been particularly created. Our expert trouser dryers effectively remove any remaining creases and guarantee that all sections are handled to the highest standards.

Pressure steam drying
and Manual ironing


Before to the consumer receiving their product back. We will thoroughly examine every item and be prepared to return it to any consumer. One at a time, we examine every outfit. to make sure that every step of the process has been carefully thought out and is working for you.

Quality control

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"Elevate your standards with our luxury laundry services. Experience the epitome of care and attention to detail as we pamper your garments and linens. Because quality is not just a statement, it's a lifestyle."

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Pickup & Delivery Service.

For all general enquires please call us on 0886196618 or fill in the enquiry form below, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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